Ratings Scale

I’ve updated my rating system to mirror the Blog Critics scale. Everything is based on a 5 star system. Videogame Ratings have no half-stars but movie and music reviews do. I used to use a 20 point system   (ratings out of 10) for videogames, a four star system for movies, and a 5 star system for music. This is much more consistent. You’re able to tell right away what I think of the reviewed items property without having to check the scale.

5 Stars Masterpiece


4 and half Stars, Great


4 Stars, Very Good

3 and half Stars, Above Average

3 Stars, Average

2 and half Stars, Below Average

2 Stars, Bad

1 and half Stars, Very Bad

1 Star, Terrible

Half a Star, Offensive

0 Stars, Terrible and Offensive


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