If you have a movie, game, or album you would like me to review please contact me at: Submissions.

Please ensure the copy for The Entertainment Center is a separate copy than any for Blog Critics. I cannot guarantee that I will be assigned the Blog Critics review, so having a separate copy will eliminate any confusion. Additionally, all my articles are posted to Blog Critics first. If you would like a review to be exclusive to the Entertainment Center, please let me know.


Writers, fanboys, and those others who disagree with me, I encourage everyone that has an opinion to say something. Even if it’s just to say I’m an idiot. So if you want to write a rebuttal to an article or review, or write your own piece for the site please contact me at: Submit an Article.

I would love to add some additional writers to the site. I’m in particular need of a news writer or a media manager. I am sent trailers and other news to write up that I simply don’t have time to do. Someone dedicated to putting up those things would be very helpful.


For general feedback¬† that you don’t want to leave as comments you can email me here: Contact the EC.


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